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UK Geography, Guiness World Records, UK History, Culture & Family Fortunes
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Name the County Town of Cheshire


01 Chester

Name the County Town of Cumbria


02 Carlisle

Name the County Town of Derbyshire


03 Matlock

Name the County Town of Cornwall


04 Truro

Name the County Towns of the 3 Yorkshire Ridings
North, East & West
Clue, one of the towns names is in part of the question


05 Northallerton, Beverley, Wakefield

Which is the best-selling single worldwide
a) White Christmas - Bing Crosby
b) Do They Know It’s Christmas - Band Aid
c) Careless Whisper - George Michael


06 A - White Christmas - Bing Crosby

The most amount of Big Macs consumed by one person in a lifetime is…
a) 12,543
b) 28,788
c) 44,218


07 B - 28,788

What is the highest grossing movie at the global box office?
a) Avatar
b) Avengers: Endgame
c) Titanic


08 B - Avengers Endgame

What is the largest gathering of Elvis impersonators?
a) 895
b) 3,526
c) 20,789


09 A - 895

What is the most expensive man-made object?
a) Burj Khalifa
b) Large Hadron Collider
c) International Space Station


10 C - International Space Station

What was the personal motto of Queen Elizabeth I?
a) I see but I say nothing
b) I see dead people
c) I’ve got 99 problems but Sir Walter Raleigh ain’t one


11 A - I See But I Say Nothing

Which legendary brothers led the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain in the 5th century?
a) Mario and Luigi
b) Phats and Small
c) Hengist and Horsa


12 C - Hengist And Horsa

What happened at The Battle of Waterloo?
a) Napoleon beat Wellington
b) Wellington beat Napoleon
c) A queue for a train toilet turned to violence


13 B - Wellington Beat Napoleon

How long did Queen Victoria reign for?
a) Over 40 years
b) Over 50 years
c) Over 60 years


14 C - Over 60 Years

Who was Henry VIII's first wife?
a) Catherine Howard
b) Catherine of Aragon
c) Catherine Parr


15 B - Catherine Of Aragon

Name the Famous painting by filling in the missing word
The Night .....


16 The Night Watch

Name the Famous painting by filling in the missing word
The Creation Of .....


17 The Creation Of Adam

Name the Famous painting by filling in the missing word
The Girl With A Pearl .....
Johannes Vermeer


18 The Girl With A Pearl Earring

Name the Famous painting by filling in the missing word
The Starry .....
Vincent van Gogh


19 The Starry Night

Name the Famous painting by filling in the missing word
The Hay .....
John Constable


20 The Hay Wain

Family Fortunes
Name an animal you can’t fit in a mini


21 3 Points Elephant, 2 Points Giraffe, 1 Point Blue Whale

Family Fortunes
Name something people are chased by in the movies


22 3 Points Zombies, 2 Points Cars, 1 Point Police

Family Fortunes
Name a famous scientist


23 3 Points Einstein, 2 Points Curie, 1 Point Newton

Family Fortunes
Name a King of England
I need the Regal Number as well not just a name


24 3 Points Henry VIII, 2 Points Richard III, 1 Point James I

Family Fortunes
Name a place where you aren’t allowed to touch anything


25 3 Points Museum, 2 Points Art Gallery, 1 Point China Shop

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